We are a team of industry experts including chemists, product developers and product specialists that have helped to create products for many household haircare, skincare and cosmetics brands. 

We are Concentrate was born from our mission to create a brand that doesn’t only have amazing efficacious formulations but values to reduce the environmental impact of creating products.

This includes its packaging which is fully recyclable, its ingredients which are carefully sourced and our water reducing inhouse manufacturing process.

we love water. just not in our shampoo & conditioner.

A normal shampoo contains about 70% water and a conditioner is about 90% water. We Are Concentrate are on a mission to change this, replacing the water with active ingredients to form pastes that are better for your hair and use less precious water.

We add no water in the production process and use an in-house manufacturing method called a closed loop water system which is proven to be more sustainable than other manufacturing methods.